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 Sergei Rachmaninoff - Up Close & Personal Group Tours I

This tour will allow visitors to 'meet' Rachmaninoff Up Close and Personal. It will show you how he lived. It will take you into his dream of a country estate, into his inner circle, into his private Garden of Eden.

You will be welcomed at the Guest House (completed 1931) and be shown an exclusive video documentary, containing unseen film material. After a walk through the park (developed 1931-1934) down to the quay Rachmaninoff had built at the lake you will visit the Villa (completed 1934) and enter a unique exposition of unseen objects and documents that speak volumes about all that the composer held most dear. In conclusion you can listen to a selection of piano pieces performed live on the composer's own Steinway Concert Grand (built 1929, delivered 1934).

Your guides are Elger Niels and Wouter de Voogd, who have initiated numerous Rachmaninoff projects since the early 1990's, including the publication and recording of Rachmaninoff's (then) unknown choral works, as well as of Rachmaninoff's Fourth Piano Concerto in its original version, the worldwide organization of International Rachmaninoff Conferences, the establishment of the Rachmaninoff Network in 2013, the preservation project at SENAR as well as the set-up and construction of the Sergei Rachmaninoff International Database that in the future will include the digitized collection from SENAR as one of its most important elements.

After 5 years of work on this collection Elger Niels and Wouter de Voogd know each and every corner of the estate.

Access is limited to 30 visitors per tour/on the estate in total.

Participants are expected to donate € 90,- per individual visitor as a contribution to cover the organizational costs. Tickets are issued by name and the allocation of tickets takes place in the order of electronic receipt of registration forms at the Rachmaninoff Network and only after timely payment.

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